This is page is intended for family and friends to contact me when I am out of normal mobile phone service.
When out of range, I have a satellite phone with me for emergencies.

Contacting Sat Phone & Locating

Sending a free SMS to the Sat Phone

>>>>> LINK TO SMS SEND BOX <<<<<

Need help sending a text via the website link?

After following the link above:

Leaving a MOBILE number in the message

After following the link at the top of this page:

1.Enter the remaining satellite phone number.  The +87077 will already be there for you.

2. Enter your mobile phone number with the +61 for Australia and the leading 0 of your mobile omited as shown below or alternativley if you prefer insert your email address into this field. Either will be sent to the phone with your message so that they can reply to you.

3.Press submit to sent the message

Text Box

MGRS to Latitude and Longitude then view in Google Maps




Click on the Google [road] or [satellite] to view in Google Maps.

You can zoom in from there for exact location.

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